Published by Touchstone in 2014.

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Kate Storey, "I was a vice cop...and a meth addict," New York Post, April 10, 2014


  My Wife's Affair   Reading Group Guide

If you live in the New York area, Nancy would be happy to join your book club in a discussion of My Wife's Affair.

Why do you think the novel is narrated by Peter? More often we hear the point of view of a wife who has
been cheated on—how is this different?

Is Peter a reliable narrator? Is it possible that he could be? How would the novel be different if told from
Georgie's point of view?

Were you familiar with Dora Jordan before you read this book? Were you surprised by her story? What
contemporary relevance does it have? Why do you think Georgie becomes so obsessed with her?

Georgie fights for the play to conclude with Dora onstage, in front of an audience, rather than with the
tragic ending Piers writes. Yet the novel itself ends on a devastating note. What do you make of that?

Are Georgie and what she did sympathetic? Why or why not? Does her affair with Piers make her a bad mother?

Forgiveness is a big theme in the novel. Should Georgie have been able to forgive Peter for what he did?
Should Peter have been able to forgive Georgie?

What is your opinion of Piers?

Do marriages break up solely because of infidelity, or are there other, underlying reasons?

While contemplating his wife's triumph as an actress, Peter says, "The strangers in us [are] always meeting
the strangers in others, even when the others are ones we have loved." In what ways are Peter and Georgie
strangers in this book? Are all husbands and wives strangers to some extent?

How do Georgie's and Peter's professions influence their behavior?

What are the tensions between Georgie's life as an actress and her role as a mother? Do most women
experience these tensions?