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A smart, sexy novel about getting whatyou want — but still wanting more

"Woodruff leaves not a dry eye in the house in this gripping ode to theater and the love it can command—and crush. . .Peter's excruciating autopsy of his crumbling marriage is unsparing and relentlessly punishing, but the kicker at the novel's end makes the adultery feel like a cozy little tea party. It's brutal and lovely."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"With the theatrical flare of a West End drama and the tightly plotted, page-turning suspense of a good mystery, My Wife's Affair pulls you into the modern-day tragedy of its lushly drawn characters and refuses to let go."
— Helene Stapinski, author of Baby Plays Around: A Love Affair, with Music

"Nancy Woodruff has written a beautiful but devastating novel of infidelity, a gripping story of a woman devoted to her family but driven by her ambition, set against the just as gripping story of the 18th century actress Dora Jordan. That should be enough. But Woodruff has also written a tender novel about fidelity, reminding us that contentment has its cost and even sturdy marriages are fragile."
— Ann Darby, author of The Orphan Game

"From the moment I picked up My Wife's Affair, a tale of a woman's search for her former self on the London stage, I found myself utterly gripped. Using the fascinating life-story of the actress Dora Jordan as the subject of a play within the novel, the present day story echoes the historical, creating multiple reflections and resonances to reach a devastating climax.

Woodruff is an adept chronicler of the subtle nuances of human behaviour; Georgie, the wife in question, is so well drawn, so vibrant, and so alive on the page that like the narrator, her husband, I too found myself enthralled. But this is not only a portrait of a marriage, but an account of the struggle between contradictory and often opposing forces; the creative instinct and the nurturer, the mother and the lover. Wise, moving, eloquent and written with an economy that is deceptively simple, this is a novel illuminated by an eye as bright and penetrating as a theatre spotlight. Dazzling."
— Beatrice Colin, author of The Glimmer Palace


Astounding, gripping, and told firsthand in a deeply sympathetic voice

"Honest, introspective. . .harrowing. . .This effect can only be attributed to the strong writing, with Woodruff helping to bring the story to life."
Kirkus Reviews

". . . a brave feat and formidable to grasp."
Publishers Weekly

"Shards is a straight up, gut wrenching account of one woman’s fierce battle with her demons. Honest and moving, it is a testament to ultimately choosing to save your own life, and proof that anything is survivable."
— Wendy Lawless, author of Chanel Bonfire